Our indoor facilities include the Stone Barn with:

  • Downstairs Reception area / meeting area / dining area
  • Upstairs conference room / meeting room / theatre style
  • Upstairs meeting room / anteroom

The Green Barn is a converted barn 20m x 7m which is a multi-purpose space

A variety of options. We have 100 banquetting chairs, 80 folding chairs, 8 5ft round tables, 12 6×2 trestles, and a large number of 10×2 ft vintage trestle tables. Fully equipped kitchen

10 Fridges with freezers spaces (limited)

Plates, cutlery, glasses etc

Linen carries a laundry charge Available are:

  • PA system with 2 wireless mikes
  • Projector & screen

June 2013 005 (Copy)

Downstairs reception

Versatile space, with tables or without.

Fully equipped kitchen and shower/changing rooms.

Santa 2014 002 (Copy)

Upstairs room

A large space which can be laid out as you want seated with or without tables, capacity 80.

Chairs, tables etc all available.

April to June 2015 Hens phone 348 (Copy)

Green barn

20m x 7m versatile part-carpeted space used for indoor archery and events; trestle tables and other chairs available.