At Breckenhill we use Splatmaster guns which are safer for kids aged 8 and up, but still pack a punch. They can fire paintballs up to 100 feet and face protection is compulsory. We have now fitted magazines which hold 50 paintballs.

We have two paintball zones, the first zone is where players are introduced to the guns by first shooting at targets and then by "run the gauntlet" where they first experience shooting at each other. We are now doing Night-time Paintball with head torches and gun torches - its fantastic fun!

We then move into the main play areas and play games such as capture the flag. In the second area the cover is denser and the games more tactical.

Party options:

  1. Paintball only:  2 hours of full-on paintball:  Up to 10 players £200 then £15 for each extra player up to 20
  2. Paintball plus:  2.5 hours of paintball an other activities; this is better for younger groups who may get tired: Prices: £200 for up to 10 then £15 per extra player up to 20
  3. Nightime Paintball: 1.5 hours of full-on paintball with head- and gun-torches: Up to 10 players £200 then £15 for each extra player up to 20

Party catering can also be provided at £4.50 per head.

Paintball can be built into any other event on request.

Nightime Paintball Video