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Our school-focussed activities

At Breckenhill, we are privileged to have been involved with a large number of schools, both primary and secondary, and further education colleges.

We try to provide an environment where the pupils can relax outside the classroom, learn confidence and get to know new friends.

We try to structure the days so that the participants are kept busy as we find that if an activity lasts too long it can challenge attention spans. Some of our rotations only last for 15 minutes.

One of the big advantages of doing this is that whilst our activities are all achievable for most pupils inevitably some kids will not feel able to a particular activity and the short rotation means that they don't have to wait too long for a new activity. Whilst achieving activities is so good for their confidence, it is really important to avoid the negative impact when a kid feels unable to participate in an activity.

We use some of the same activities for all year groups but we tailor the challenges to suit the age groups.

Generally our activity days fall into the following categories:

Shared Education

We feel really privileged to be involved in this programme where kids from different communities come together and make friends whilst having a blast!

Our approach is to mix the kids up as much as possible and we use sub-groups to carry this out so that they are in small enough groups that they get to know new friends.

During a typical programme from 10:00 to 2:30 the kids would be involved in more than 10 different activities, in groups ranging in size between 12 and 18.

Year 8 Induction

Secondary schools have a large annual intake into Year 8 of kids from different Primary Schools and we provide the programme to allow them to get out of the classrooom and let their hair down for a day. In practical terms we are trying to help the teachers generate a year-group focus and lose the primary school group focus.

We apply very much the same techniques of forming and re-forming groups to mix the kids up as much as possible, using a large number of short-duration activities.

We do also do raft-building which, whilst a longer activity provides a great finale to a good day.

Very often we see kids in the Year 8 intake who have visited with Primary Schools but they love the fact that they know some of the activities but there are new ones and the day is pitched differently to suit their age.

End of Primary groups

We try to give the departing Primary School kids a happy sendoff from the friends they have made over their Primary years and aim to provide a day of entertainment using a variety of outdoor activities.

Further Education College fun days

We often have Further Education College groups and the challenge is to get them involved in activities, definitely no mobile phones and if possible not too much makeup and smart trainers!

Very often after a slow start, inhibitions disappear and enthusiasm takes over!

Contact us

If you are intetested in bringing any type of school group to Breckenhill, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We try to work with your budget and that can mean altering the number of sub-groups we split your group into; each group requires an instructor and an assistant.